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Why Fare Alert

We all love travelling but sometimes the whole pre-arrival process can take away the fantasy of travelling. Long queues at the airport, heavy rush on check-in desks, long waiting times etc. can be surely avoided. Check-in for your flight is just a click away from your own computer to lessen this burden and wait times because many airlines today offer online check-in facility to avoid long queues and thus go straight to the baggage drop. Checking in online allows you to select your seat so there is no more “Got the middle seat again” and even print the boarding passes up to 24 hours in advance.

Just find the airline you are flying with and use the Go button to go directly to their online check-in. You typically need to provide your name, booking confirmation number or sometimes you can also check in with your frequent flier or credit card number as well.

Note:- Online check-in restrictions and expectations vary depending on the airline you are selecting so it is recommended to familiarise yourself with these before relying on the service on your day of departure.

If the airline is not listed on the given page then it means they may not provide this service and you may require to check- in at the airport.

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